• November 22, 2022 5:12 am
  • Finglas, Dublin

HDMI Video Capture Card


  • This USB 2.0 catch card can catch both HDMI video and HDMI sound simultaneously.
  • It can communicate sound and video signs to PCs and cell phones for see and capacity.
  • Reasonable for HD catch, showing recording, clinical picture, and so on.
  • Compact USB 2.0 Sound Video Catch Card HD 1 Way HDMI to USB 2.0
  • Associate your DSLR, camcorder or activity cam effectively to your PC or Macintosh. In light of the great speed USB 2.0 innovation, you can catch a high-goal HDMI video sign of a sign channel. The game catch card is reasonable for gadgets with HDMI yield, for example gadgets for PS4, for Wii U and switch. On the off chance that you need different styles.




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