About Our Company

Buysellireland.ie is a community-based marketplace where individuals can buy or sell items online. It offers buyers and sellers alike a unique, trusted community approach to buying and selling online.

Launched in 2022 by Solvebots.com, Ireland’s largest community website, Buysellireland.ie has facilitated the sale and purchase of thousands of items across every type of category imaginable.

Our Vision & Mission

At Buysellireland.ie, we help make Good Finds happen. From great deals that save you a few extra euros, to finding a buyer who will enjoy something as much as you did.

It’s all our responsibility to make sure getting a Good Find is always simple, easy, and enjoyable, so we can build a culture where people share more and waste less. We’re committed to building an e-commerce culture in Ireland. We believe it’s good for business, society, and for the planet.

We help make Good Finds happen because we believe everything can find a new purpose.