2024 Cervelo Rouvida Red XPLR AXS 1 Road Bike (GUN2BIKESHOP)

Buy New 2024 Cervelo Rouvida Red XPLR AXS 1 Road Bike

Price : USD 7800
Min Order : 1 Unit
Lead Time : 6 – 9 Days
Port : CIF / Juanda International Airport
Payment :  Payment via PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer (T/T), Western Union (WU), Wise Transfer, World Remit, MoneyGram International and Xoom
Shipment : FedEx, DHL, UPS
Product : New Original and Warranty

Gun2bikeshop is 100% safe, because purchase products at Gun2bikeshop provide a100% moneyback guarantee. Gun2bikeshop Address : Jl.Mayjend Sungkono No.108, Kutoanyar, Jawa Timur 66215 – Indonesia

Site us : www.gun2bikeshop.com
Contact Purchase : order@gun2bikeshop.com
Phone/Whatsapp : +6282320105427


  • Condition: New
  • Brand: Other Brand
  • Vehicle Type: Bicycle

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