Bar Staff in Killarney for Casual Shifts 13.50/hr

Hold onto your Santa hat! The winter winds bring a new job opportunity swirling your way!

At WrkWrk, you wield the power to decide when, where, and how much you’d like to work. With us, you’re the architect of your own festive schedule!

We’ve transformed shift work with our magical app, making it accessible to all in this season of giving.

Here’s your pathway to joy:

Step 1: Visit and complete your merry application.
Step 2: Schedule your enchanted interview – opt for a quick, self-recorded video (just 3 minutes!) or a chat with our spirited team.
Step 3: Rejoice as riches pile up like gifts under a Christmas tree!

The Yuletide Benefits:

*Swift payouts, like a sleigh ride through the snow
*Customizable shifts tailored to your holiday wishes
*Access to free online elf training (not actual elves, though)

We’re currently seeking lively and sociable Bar Staff in Kilarney and nearby snow-covered lands.

Not a mixologist? No worries! A trove of fantastic shifts awaits you.

Apply today and spark the joy of a thrilling work adventure!

Our user-friendly platform links merry workers with shifts in the hospitality industry. Picture yourself at Ireland’s grandest 5-star hotels, the jolliest live music venues, or the most sought-after festive feasts. Begin your WrkWrk adventure this holiday season!


  • Job Type: Temporary
  • Industry: Food / Beverage Industry
  • Educational Specialization: Others

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