Huge Job Lot
Huge Job Lot
Huge Job Lot
Huge Job Lot
Huge Job Lot
Huge Job Lot
Huge Job Lot
Huge Job Lot
Huge Job Lot
Huge Job Lot
Gastronorm catering tray (size=1/1)
Saucepan (8″/catering grade/heavy base/with lid)
Saucepan (11″/catering grade/heavy base)
Catering tongs (stainless steel)
Laundry basket (round/perfect condition/white)
Large selection mens jeans (Diesel/River Island/G-Star/Lee etc)(most are L32/W32 or 34)
6′ Trestle Table (PWO)
Mens T-shirt (Medium/royal blue.. Logo on front “Turn The Lights Down Low”)
Pierre Cardin cardigan (sheep’s wool/light brown/6 x button fastening)
Orca ‘Under Armour’ sports top (long-sleeved/grey & white)
Men’s T-shirt (River Island/black)
Men’s muscle top (light grey/short sleeved)
Mens T-shirt (Replay/green/low-cut V-neck)
Mens T-shirt (Threadbare/red/short-sleeved)
Mens denim shirt (Drift King/mint/short-sleeved)
Men’s T-shirt (light grey)
Men’s shirt (Gap/medium/heavyweight/rugged/red & black Tartan pattern)
Duck feather double duvet (very warm)
Double duvet cover (button fastening/green/elephant pattern)
Duck feather pillow
Urban Escape sleeping bag (adult/grey & blue)
Mens hoodie (Aeropostale/grey green)
African picture (framed/3 women/embossed style)
Shaker bottle (Optimum Nutrition/mint)
Mathmos Lava lamp (the original Mathmos model/red lava/PWO/comes with bulb installed plus spare)
Large bag of huge fir cones (can be used as decoration or for Arts & Crafts)
Alarm clock (3″ cube with fade-out lights function/8 colours/battery operated/PWO)
Genuine Bandmaster mouth organ (with case)
Men’s woolen jumper (round-neck/blue & grey)
Men’s jumper (Crosshatch/white/upper front zip/perfect condition)
Men’s cardigan top (Superfly/grey/blue corduroy collar, cuffs & hem/button fastening)
Men’s cardigan (Holmes & Co/large conical wooden buttons/double front lower pockets)
Men’s top (Sub Cool Cat/genuine 70s item/short-sleeved)
Men’s Lennon Corduroy 1960s jacket (perfect condition/tan/button cuffs)
Firetrap zippy top (dark mustard colour/zip-up/high collar/yellow & red logo on front)
Mens denim Wrangler blazer (mint/unworn/many unique features/rare)
Men’s shirt (mint/light green)
Adult karate suit (Rival/medium/white belt)
Jeans Joint Men’s shirt (genuine 70s item/perfect condition/blue with 70s pattern/very comfortable)
Josef Jeans men’s shirt (large blue white check pattern/perfect condition)
Ben’s Sherman T-shirt (perfect condition/black/CD & vinyl print on front/round-neck)
Drunkn Munky T-shirt (black/’White Label’ vinyl print on front/round-neck)
Men’s top (Cinch/genuine 90s item/light grey/zip fastening)
Aspired London men’s 70s top (mint/black with grey 70s collar/short-sleeved)
Men’s Jumper (Youstar/whitecream & gold/quirky pattern)
Mens jumper (mint/unworn/striped pattern/sown-in white t-shirt design)
Van Heusen shirt (genuine 70s item/lemon yellow/short-sleeved/large collar/rare to find in this condition)
Daniel Christian men’s jacket (dark grey/worn 3 times/quality item)
Men’s Urban Stone trousers (dark grey/L32 W32/perfect condition)
Firetrap shirt (mint/unworn/long-sleeved/red & white spotted pattern)
Adidas T-shirt (rare limited edition pattern/mint/unworn/dark grey)
Full Circle men’s shirt (genuine 90s item/quality shirt for both casual & formal wear/long-sleeved/navy blue & gold)
Gold’s Gym weight training vest (mint/unworn/yellow)
Mark Law cardigan (perfect condition/light grey/zip fastening/lambswool)
Men’s cardigan-style top (lightweight/long-sleeved/light grey)
Men’s shirt (mint/unworn/long-sleeved/Jack & Jones/dark denim)
Tokyo Laundry mens T-shirt (excellent condition/mustard-yellow/short-sleeved)
Remus Uomo Men’s suit trousers & waistcoat (perfect condition/navy blue/trousers include tan brown leather belt)
Windbreaker training top (blue & orange/hood enclosed in collar/reflective strips on back & front)
Men’s leather jacket (100% leather/tan brown/¾ length/worn once/perfect condition)(this jacket cost me almost £400)
Men’s cardigan (River Island/cream/mint condition)
Men’s cardigan (River Island/cream/2 lower front pockets/large wooden button fastening)
Selection glass Mason storage jars
Indian Rags denim jacket (quality item/sewn-in brown cardigan design/faded denim/warm and very attractive jacket/this cost me £400 25 years ago/perfect condition)
Steel toe cap boots (size 9/mint/unworn/black)
Midi keyboard (Evolution MK-449C/never plugged in/unused/comes with leads, manual & installation disc)
Pair of Alesis ‘Monitor One’ MK2 studio speakers (passive/superb & very high spec speakers/perfect condition & working order/come with original manual)
Indoor grow tent (6′ wide/mint/never taken from its original box)
2 micro SD cards (8GB & 64GB)
2 micro SD card adaptors
10 bars of genuine beeswax
Salt lamp
Magician’s magnetic ring (mint/Lord of the Rings print on the ring)
Incense burner (wooden/round/burns incense cones)
Pair solid silver cufflinks (in original box/brown stone insert/stamped silver)
Full set of genuine Chakkra healing stones (come with small drawstring carry bag and stone indication chart)
Latin American Rhythm Instruments tuition book (as new)
1 x magazine that came with the Star newspaper in 1994 (World Cup-USA 94 edition with Jack Charlton on the cover/collectable)
Tension (original board game from 1971)
‘Propellerhead Reason Tips & Tricks’ book (music production software cheats and tricks for better and more fluent production of all your music production)
Puzzle game (metal puzzle game from the 70/80s/full set/genuine item/comes with original package/rare and collectable)
John Player cigarettes ‘Speedway Racers’ collectors cards (genuine item/full set from 1937/all cards in original booklet/full sets are very rare in this condition/highly collectible/
Money Holiday Center Ireland (genuine brochure from 1989/very rare item)
Bob Marley Jigsaw (1000 pieces/still in original package)
Vintage glass jar (very heavy glass/screw top lid/no damage)
Incense stick burning jar (spiral white rope on jar exterior & sand inside)
Dream box (3″ box made from bone and lined with purple velvet)
18 x sample CDs (a collection of discs with thousands of ‘royalty-free’ samples ie. Drums, vocals, strings, synths, guitar etc to help with your music production/ mint condition discs/taken from  Computer Music & Future Music music magazines)
Scientific calculator (PWO & perfect condition)
1 x socks drier/airer
5 x Annascaul plates (beautiful set of 5 plates/all with different pattern/very heavy plates/browns & creams/all signed on back)
Griddle pan (12″/excellent condition)
Trivial Pursuit (genuine 1983 original)
Gastronorm catering tray (size=⅓)
Blow up mattress (perfect condition/no leaks/comes with battery powered pump)
Catering quality knife magnet (wall-mounting/unused/screws included)
Solid wood astray (very nice ornament made from a slice of hardwood/wood-stained)
Selection marbles
Builders measuring tape
Selection of audio leads (XLR, ¼” jack to jack, phono to phono, phono to ¼” jack)
Masterplug (6-socket/ PWO)
Kettle connection (extra long lead)
Single plug extension lead (10M)
Selection of catering grade utensils (heavy-duty metal sieve, potato masher, wooden spoons, fish slice/egg lifter, corkscrew/bottle opener, slotted/perforated metal spoon, silicone spatula, catering tongs, wide slotted plastic spoon, 3 x steel ladles, )
BOOM Waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker
Pair of Numark TT-1510 vinyl record turntables
1 x Numark DM950 mixer (2-channel)
1 x pair Numark slipmats
Selection of 7″ vinyl records
2 African wooden Rhinos (mother & baby/very heavy wooden items)
African straw picture
Masai Warrior Figurine Collection (Man with shield/collectable)
Masai Warrior Figurine Collection (Woman Looking Afar/collectable)
African Warrior (12″ tall/solid wood)
African Figurine (Kneeling Woman with Water Jug)
Large Wooden bowl (approx 12″ diameter/heavy/solid wood)
Flower vase (quirky item/rough, sand-like exterior/immaculate condition)
African Figurine (Woman Laying with Water Jug)
African Vase (beaded at top/brown & black)
‘Leonardo Collection’ African Figurine (Woman with Water Jug/collectable)
Scratch-Off world map (large travel map of the world ie. when you visit the country, you scratch it off the map to keep track of your travels)
Pair of gym battle ropes (these are the real thing/heavy duty ropes for the perfect workout at home or at the gym)
Inkbird IHC-200 humidity controller (connect this item to a humidifier or, humidifier + dehumidifier and set your preferred humidity level. This unit then turns the humidifier & dehumidifier on/off as required in order to keep the space within your predetermined humidity levels)
Inkbird ITC-308 ‘Plug & Play’ temperature controller (operated exactly like the Inkbird humidity controller as outlined above, only this time it controls temperature levels)
600w HPS light (comes with lead, ballast (below) & reflective metal canopy for evenly dispersing the light)
Lumii 600w ballast (used to control the 600w HPS light mentioned above)
Pair steel toecap shoes (size 9/unworn)
8 x retro vinyl record bowls (these unique items are bowls cleverly crafted from old/damaged 12″ vinyl records)
Dehumidifier (PWO/plug in)
Retro 80s lamp (bendable neck/bulb included)
Sheffield wine bottle holder (stamped ‘Sheffield’)
Blue Italian water bottle
3 vintage green bottles (each one is different/very quirky design/no damage)
Vintage medicine bottles (approx 3″ tall/set of 4/rubber seal top)
Pair red vases (extremely nice vases/perfect condition/no damage)
Panasonic CQ-C1313 car stereo (radio/CD)
JVC KD-G322 car stereo (radio & CD/all leads, storage case & manual)
DX-AR-0363 car stereo (radio/USB/MP3)
Hama USB 2.0 card reader (reads SD/Mini SD/MMC/MMC micro/CF 1 & 2/Micro SD/SM/MD)(original box, lead & manual)
Painted wooden wall art (Sid Vicious)
Painted wooden wall art (Kurt Cobain-Nirvana)
Full set of resistance exercise bands (proper set and not a cheap copy/comes with carry bag and full set of bands for a full-body workout/portable set)
Pair Puma football boots (size 9/worn 4 times/full studs)
Pair Donegal Parian china vases (Kilcar design/immaculate condition/no damage/highly collectible)
Kodak ESP C110 printer (comes with extra black & colour ink, white paper, coloured paper, leads & manual)
African Figurine ‘Parents with Child’ (part of the Masai Warrior collection)
Male mannequin (very expensive mannequin/not a cheap copy/detachable limbs/eyelashes etc)
Large African mask #1
Large African mask #2
Nirvana music poster (genuine item from the 90s)
Silvercrest floor fan (large/unused/unopened/3-speed: 950/1100/1250 rpm)
Lord of the Rings Saruman mask (quality item/full overhead mask/mesh headpiece to reduce sweating)
Selection of French glassware
Lord of the Rings Chess Set pieces (13 pieces & plus their corresponding magazine from the Eaglemoss collection/the most sought after Lord of the Rings chess set of them all/each piece is still in original box/original magazine folder unused with this lot)
Set fairy lights (indoor/coloured/PWO)
Adult Santa suit (trousers, jacket, beard & hat)
Pair Levi’s black/gold label trousers (navy blue/unworn/mint/zip-fly/bootcut/central seam on front/expensive and very rare trousers)
90s festival bucket hat (yellow & blue/smiley faces pattern)
Stainless steel container (catering grade/heavy duty/round/approx 12″diameter/10″ high)
Genuine Safi Moroccan bowl (no damage/fish pattern)
Pestel & mortar (quality item/no damage)
Selection of tupperware containers (with lids)
Glass bowl (approx 6″ diameter/heavy duty catering-grade glass)
African Warrior with shield (kneeling/high quality & decorative piece/very heavy/approx 18″ tall)
Canon camera bag/case
Canon optical glass
Canon 50mm lens
Wooden vase (round/approx 14″ diameter/green yellow mix)
Golf umbrella (blue & white)
3 large bowls (white/catering grade/from 10-12″ in diameter/perfect condition)
Pasta making machine (genuine Italian item/stainless steel)
Crockpot slow cooker (as new)
Colander (catering grade/heavy duty metal/durable/orange)
Chef’s Chinese Wok pan
Food steamer (3-tier/as new/PWO)
Russell Hobbs fruit & veg juicer (PWO)
Cookswork rice cooker (as new/PWO)
Men’s leather shoes (brand: Red Tape/brown/laced/worn to 1 wedding/immaculate)
Large oval Pyrex bowl (no damage)
Call 087 1922161 for details of sale. I also have individual photos of every item in the listing, so if you want to see this lot of photos contact me with your email address and I will send them to you. Or, I can send them to you via WhatsApp
The asking price for this lot is €1000. This lot is a real bargain. Some very nice bits here.
I will deliver to anywhere in Donegal as part of the asking price. Outside Donegal, you will have to arrange your own delivery. Or, I can deliver it to you, but would have to charge for fuel

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